Sbyke has won several awards.

As seen on TV!

Used by Celebrities

Ricky Carmichael

Alex Midler

Michael Schumacher

Winner – Wheel Wars

Sbyke Easily Handles The Mean Streets of NYC

An urban based NYC scooter showdown pitting the newcomer Sbyke vs the old guard.  We are thrilled to have been selected for and to have won this test by Popular Science magazine as it validates all of our hard work.  When we set out to create Sbyke, we wanted to not only reinvent the wheel when it comes to scooters, but also we set out to make Sbyke the very best scooter experience on the market.  We hope you can experience one for yourself to see just how fun and convenient the Sbyke can be!

“Completely Addicting”

GQ Germany was absolutely positive about Sbyke when calling it “completely addicting” and recommending users to go ahead and try out tricks on it because “the Sbyke can handle them”.  We are very grateful to have been received so awesomely by the kind folks over at GQ Germany and hope to impress them again someday.

Link To The Online Article (In German)

People Magazine Holiday Gift Guide

In December of 2011 Sbyke was featured in the Holiday Gift Guide of People Magazine.  This special honor is only for the select few potential gifts of the year that make it past rounds of reviews to be among those recommended by People Magazine.  Sbyke is thrilled to have received this honor and to have been featured so prominently!